A Cost-Saving Tool.

Through our mission to reduce the Owner's exposure to a singular point of responsibility and contact with our design-build approach, we're pleased to take further responsibility on behalf of the Owner by introducing a personal guarantee for lowest build time and cost.

This application of virtual reality creates new advantages for the owner, primarily the mitigation of issues from HVAC systems, to plumbing pipes, to electrical lines, prior to the construction phase. This means that all troubleshooting between vendors and subcontractors happens within the virtual reality software, saving both time and production costs – ultimately, maximizing efficiency for the project.

How it Works.

Designing a project through virtual reality is common in our industry to showcase the final vision to the Owner, however, we've seen the opportunity to leverage this technology beyond that by creating a virtual reality experience that also involved our subcontractors, and vendors.

First, alongside our design-build approach, our team builds the project within the virtual reality platform. The Owner will then be able to experience the final vision of their space.

Next, all the subcontractors and vendors will have their own walk throughs of the same space, but with the layers peeled back. This is where all issues and complications will be discovered, troubleshooted, and resolved.

Now, once the build phase starts, all issues that might have been costly or detrimental to the timeline are mitigated prior to any construction.
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