A Collaborative Method

As a Design-Builder, our mission is to execute both the design and construction phases under a single contract, reducing the Owner's exposure to a singular point of responsibility and contact throughout. This eliminates the painstaking process of having to hire and oversee multiple separate entities throughout the project.

This delivery methodology is similar to that of the Master Builder concept employed during the Renaissance, where the roles of today's contractor, architect, and engineer were one integrated service. Today, the design-build entities collaborate from day one as a singular team ensuring the project's goals are carefully accounted for while looking for ways create savings from initial concept through completion.

This streamlined approach fosters collaboration and teamwork, mitigates change orders and blame shifting, allows for faster turnaround time, cost effectiveness, and optimized project quality.

3 Phases of Construction under a Design-Build Project

Phase 1. Pre-Construction

The Design-Build team learns about your business and goals, as well as your financial and future facility needs. The most appropriate design team is assembled, and design documents are prepared collaboratively. Value engineering and creative solutions are identified by the design team and project management staff, mitigating costly change orders and future delays.
Phase 2. Construction

With the Design-Build model, the construction phase begins immediately after the design documents are complete. This is unlike traditional construction contracts, where the owner would need to administer a second bid phase to hire a contractor after the design phase. Often the job-site has even started preparations during Pre-Construction, reducing the overall project schedule. A qualified team of subcontractors, vendors, and specialists will work to execute the project on time and on budget, with the Design-Builder remaining the singular point of contact throughout the construction phase.
Phase 3. Post-Construction

Upon project completion, you are provided a post-construction handoff. This includes final walk-throughs, training, and applicable documentation for the project Owner and facility managers.
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