Safety is Our Priority

Guaranteeing safety measures are employed while construction is underway begins well before breaking ground. Safety is an integral part of Firmo's company culture. It begins with our President and extends through our tradesmen on site.
Our project management team is required to complete OSHA construction training courses designed to provide up-to-date construction industry safety practices. Understanding best safety practices is not relegated to top level management alone, our subcontractors and other partners also receive training to ensure our safety standards align.

Our Core Values

Collaboration: Every project we work on is a collaborative effort between ourselves and the Owner. The final outcome is the result of a collective partnership to bring their unique vision to life.

Innovation: We strive to redefine our industry in everything we do. We have an open-minded outlook on exploring new ideas, new technologies, and new methods that challenge the conventional and drive innovation.

Optimization: We're consistently driven to improve, augment, and optimize. With a tailored approach to bring each project to its fullest potential, we bring our best foot forward to give each Owner a step up in the value and quality of their vision.
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